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Seaguar Smackdown Stealth Gray 50SDSG150 8 Strand Braid

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Product Description

The Seaguar Smashdown in Stealth Grey in 50 lb is a sleek, ultra strong 8-strand braid. Since it's introduction, Smackdown has been setting all-new performance standards for castability and performance. This amazingly thin diameter line is made with 8 ultra-thin, micro weave strands in a round, smooth casting profile for smooth and exceptionally quiet, laser-like casts.And you get exceptional knot and tensile strength with unparalled abrasion resistance.
  • Eight Strand Braid
  • Amazingly Thin Diameter
  • Smooth-Casting Profile
  • Exceptionally Quiet
  • Unparalled Abrasion Resistance
  • Exceptional Knot and Tensile Strength