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Deeper Winter Smartphone Case 2.0 for Fishing

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Product Description

The Deeper Winter Smartphone Case for Ice Fishing is the only smartphone case that has been specifcally designed for ice fshing. It provides full insulation for your smartphone, and can also fit a power bank. This means the phone battery is preserved while you’re out on the ice. The sun shield ensures visibility in bright conditions, and the touch screen is fully responsive. It is splash-proof and sealed, so your phone is protected from the elements.
  • PRESERVES PHONE BATTERY: Light and compact fishing phone case with additional insulation will maintain your phone battery in sub-zero temperatures
  • COMPACT SIZE AND FITS MOST PHONES: Weighing only 5.11oz, the phone case is light and easy to carry around and attach to your arm; Fits most smartphones; size up to 6.37x3.14in, for example, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 11
  • POWER BANK COMPATIBLE: Fully equipped to hold a portable power bank with an additional space for attaching a phone charging cable when winter fishing
  • FULLY RESPONSIVE TOUCHSCREEN: Ensures you don’t have to take your phone out of the case to send messages, answer calls, check your sonar scans or manage your playlist
  • SPLASH PROOF WITH EMERGENCY FLOATING: In case you accidentally drop the phone case in water, it will stay buoyant and protect it from getting wet
  • Easily fits in your tackle box or backpack