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When We both met each other, we discovered a shared love of adventure.  Encouraged by the other, there wasn’t much we wouldn’t try.  As our family grew, we were determined to make our love of adventure, water, travel, and new experiences a family affair. From hiking local trails to taking the kids to places from our childhood, cruising on the ocean to road-tripping across the States, ziplining to sight seeing, we love experiencing everything out there.  One trip after another, soon our 3 kids couldn’t wait for the next adventure.

There is no denying that the world is changing. And we wanted to find a way to give the kids an understanding of the world as a global community, not just a collection of people isolated from one another.  As parents, we wanted to give our children a view of life from more than just their own perspectives and experiences.  Travel, local and international, seemed like the most hands on way to make this happen. 

Long term, we’ve hatched a plan to live aboard a sailboat and cruise around the world with the kids.  In the meantime, we are living in the Midwestern US; our life has become a series of smaller adventures, local and abroad.  We encourage our kids to try everything available to them. They have permission to move, to touch, to pick up and collect their world around them. 

As much as we try, going anywhere, with or without the kids, usually involves plenty of stuff in tow. So we created Wander Blue as a way to share the products we’ve found to make travel easier, to elevate the experience, and spread our message.  At Wander Blue, you can shop for adventures for all ages, urban and nature, land and water.  We strive to have the gear to get you there too; here at Wander Blue, we believe the journey is just as worthy of the memories as the destination.

When you support us, you support a family on a mission to share a global experience.